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A glimpse at the central functions and centre-wise major happenings across Aravind Eye Care System

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​Dr. Narsing A Rao Honoured with the Dr.G. Venkataswamy Memorial Award 2021

AECS honored Dr. Narsing A Rao, Co-Director, Roski Eye Institute, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California with the Dr.G.Venkataswamy Memorial Award 2021 on October 1.The award was given in recognition of his contribution towards teaching, training and improving the quality and outcomes of uveitis care worldwide. Dr. Rao delivered the Dr.G.Venkataswamy Memorial Oration on ‘Role of RPE in the modulation of intraocular inflammation, infection and lymphomas – Clinical implications.’ On behalf of Aravind, Dr. J. Martin Heur, Chair, Ophthalmology Department, USC-Roski Eye Institute handed over the award and  citation to Dr. Rao.

​Dr. Narsing A Rao Honoured with the Dr.G. Venkataswamy Memorial Award 2021
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Remembering Perumalda

One of Aravind’s greatest contributions to the field of arts was its efforts to recognise the glory and name of A. Perumal, the artist who played a crucial role in the political and art scenario of the country during independence. He played a significant role in fashioning twenty-two images in the manuscript of the original Indian Constitution document. To mark his 106th birth anniversary , Aravind-Madurai organised an exhibition of his art works at LAICO during August 7-11. A workshop was also conducted where eminent artists and art enthusiasts of Aravind discussed Perumalda’s art works and his techniques.

Remembering Perumalda
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Leveraging IT to its fullest potential has helped Aravind ensure efficient eye care delivery, better utilisation of resources and patient satisfaction as well as in evidence-based decision making. As the scale of activities and the staff increased, the department got its own identity as AuroiTech and it continues to develop and provide innovative eye care solutions and help keep Aravind at par with the global, technological world. As the gamut of eye care solutions that AuroiTech offers widened and the growing number of its external clients necessitated the department to enhance its capacity - staff competency and infrastructure. This long-felt need for a central office to manage the diverse IT operations got realised in January 2021 with the opening of a new facility on the third floor of LAICO building for AuroiTech.


Collaboration for a cause

The Novartis and AECS collaboration started in 2019 with MoU signed in March 2020, just as the pandemic really hit the world. The purpose behind this collaboration is to share inspiration and practices in leadership, culture transformation and talent management. Despite the pandemic, the partnership gained momentum and six work-streams emerged to focus on different areas of mutual growth:


Community Outreach: Eye health has been integrated into Novartis’ Arogya Parivar programme that reaches out to rural communities to provide health education and referral services. This work stream has completed mapping of geographies with Aravind vision centres and developed health education material for eye care awareness. Health educators have been trained to use this material.


Leadership and Talent Development: This work stream created the Bridge Series – a platform for Aravind and Novartis leaders to share life lessons. The six bridge sessions held over the year discussed themes such as: Building a culture of excellence, Leading through complexity and the purpose mind-set. This work-stream also conducted a round table discussion on “skilling for the future”.

Capability Building: This work-stream focuses on skill building and training. The focus areas include scientific writing for Aravind’s clinicians and drug development for the staff of Aurolab.


Patient Care Excellence: This work-stream is developing a scalable clinical model to improve ease of timely access for retina and glaucoma patients. In addition, the team is working on creating Loop2 Learn to establish an ecosystem to integrate clinical care, research and academics for overall excellence in patient care.

Data Generation: The work-stream provides a platform for iNova to generate evidence on novel and innovative ideas to solve clinical unmet needs. Deep-dive discussions have helped to create enhancements to Aravind’s electronic medical record and create a glaucoma registry system.

Innovation: This work-stream is focused on improving case detection at vision centres for conditions such as for diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma.

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